27 Torino Film Festival

27 Torino Film Festival

A colourful edition

Born in 1982, the Torino Film Festival is one of the most important cinema festival in Italy. For the 27th campaign edition the challenge was to create a strong visual impact image starting from a meaningful picture for the world of cinema. The brief included the brand identity restyling and the realization of the digital and printed communication tools.

Logo before after
Logo colour scheme
Primary font
Lady from Shanghai

This image, taken from the noir movie “The Lady from Shanghai” directed by Orson Welles in 1947, was chosen by the Festival’s director Gianni Amelio as a perfect representation of the concept of Cinema, where the mirrors are likes the frames of a cinematographic film. We kept this concept but translating it from linear to circular, as in a caleidoscope, adding the full color spectrum.

Final visual
Poster junior
Poster senior
Newsletter details
Bag and pass

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